Creative Ideas by WPO for hostess promotions, POS activities - in malls, department stores, festivals or company events.

Check out our development solutions that makes users engage effectively.

Creative apps
Database building
Unique design

EVENT, FESTIVAL and BOOKING focused developments and solutions

Bring your event to the next level with our smart solutions

Interactive Map by WPO

Interactive maps online and offline: Location details, multimedia content, favourite programs

Event Schedule development

Event shedules: Artists, programs on different locations of the event presented in a stylish way.

Interactive screens

Interactive display walls: With our big screen developments you can bring more life to your event. Instagram, Twitter feeds, voting, sponsor animations, program schedules, etc.

Booking system development

Booking: Full dynamic booking systems with voucher generating and resource management.

Complex registration form development

Ticketing and entrance solutions: With our solutions your website will generate tickets and also can handle the entry tasks.

PHOTO, VIDEO competition, online VOTING system development

Let your audience upload and WIN!

Photo and video upload competitions

The users can upload content about what does a certain brand, topic, event, community mean to them that is automatically shared with unique stickers and other layers. After the upload, users can vote for the best content with a custom poll or with the system offered by Facebook (like and more).


‘Who knows the given brand the best?’ ‘Who can score the most with the most correct answers under a certain amount of time?’


Let's vote for the best product fragrance or for a new product design. Any idea can be combined with a prize so the motivation will be bigger.


Buy one of our games with redesign for your current brand promotion. For any device: Tablet, Kiosk, Mobile, etc.

Platform games by WPO

PLatform games

Arcade games by WPO

Arcade games

Flappybird game development

Flappy bird clones

Candy Crush game development

3 match clones

Memory games

Memory games

Worder game development

Riddle puzzles

Puzzle development


Card games development

Card Games

Win games

"Register and WIN!"

Database building with user registration and picking a winner, in order to know the target audience better and to get their contact data. (100% GDPR friendly solutions)

Online polls by WPO

Online POLLS

To measure customer satisfaction or to ask a few questions that can be combined with a timer, scoring system, sound and video content and the results can be listed on a highscore list.

Calculator development


Example: Based on the customer’s behaviour and habits different products are offered. Which package or plan fits the user the most.

Treasure hunt by WPO

Treasure hunt

The organizers of the game stick QR code stickers to different places that can be read with the application. The aim of the game is to find and read all the hidden QR codes.


Combine our games and apps with PICTOGRAM, our physical-digital rentable tools:

Pictogram PHOTO gif machine

Pictogram PHOTO

An interactive Photo, GIF, Boomerang experience, which generates social shares and builds databases.

Pictogram Print social printer

Pictogram #PRINT

Social Printer. With Pictogram PHOTO, it prints images with Brand Identity design.

Kiosk development

Pictogram KIOSK

A device equipped with a large touchscreen to entertain and provide information (by Games, Maps, Agenda, Videos, Registration forms) 

We are compatible with IOS and Android: On Tablet, Kiosk and Mobile

We create expriences online and offline

We work with stable developments and secure databases

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